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Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have time to live, eat, and breathe creative approaches to learning and development? Have you wanted to shut out the noise and step away from the demands of the real world just to think through your dream learning projects?


You will have a chance to engage in deep conversations, create your own games and have hands-on exercises, think about what it means to create and innovate in an atmosphere that is conducive to playing, learning and thinking


Join a  limited number of the best and the brightest in this completely unique not really a conference environment where you will be able to strategize and learn through play and game design while living inside a game house - who wants the Monopoly Room or the Stratego Room?

  • think like an innovator

  • think like a creative

  • create stories

  • prototype a learning comic

  • prototype a serious game

A chance to escape, create and Innovate in a play space!


Room, all meals, and access to thousands of games included!

Each attendee gets a totally cool ultimately epic goodie bag!

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