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Thinking about Creativity and Learning

Creativity is an interesting topic and one of the areas of focus of the Step Away! experience.

While we are between events, here are three videos on the subject that will allow us to take some time to think long and hard about education in unique and thought provoking ways and what it means

The first video is about nurturing creativity. Think about how you nurture creativity in your everyday tasks and projects.

The second video is a crash course in creativity. It’s a really interesting video.

The third video is from the hosts of Step Away! trying to answer the question “Can Creativity be Taught and Used to Solve Problems” (Spoiler alert…YES).


What’s Next?

If you liked what we had to say about creativity in the video above, stay tuned for our next IDIODC Show appearance on May 12th at 10:00 EST where we’ll talk about creativity, games, gamification and, of course, recap the virtual Step Away! event. Bring your coffee and let’s have some fun morning chat.

Here’s the Link

Join Us at Step Away!

Check us out the Step Away! web site, if you are not already on our mailing list, now is the time to join. We are opening registration for the fall in the next few weeks. Mailing list members get all kinds of special perks and exclusive information.

Block your calendars for the next experience from September 13th to October 8th 2021.

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Step Away! is a workshop on creativity for learning. We cover development of games and instructional comics but the concepts and ideas for interactivity, creativity and making learning meaningful are universal and can apply to any design and development of courses. Learn about the creative process, innovative thinking and how to re-examine your learning design.

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