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Introducing the Unthinkable Mysterious Cosmic Game running July 25 - August 14, where you can win a FREE registration to Step Away! ($1,925 value) Yes, FREE! Watch for clue questions via Twitter by following the hashtag, #stepawayandplay.


Look for links to the Step Away event site or various websites with articles about games, storytelling, comics, and LEGO. Some clues are easy and some you have to dig for.


Get a clue, find the answer, and collect points! Firsts person to earn 300 points wins a FREE registration! Some clues are worth more points than others. Find them all to be the winner.


Remember, tweet the answer, clue number and include the hashtag #stepawayandplay.


Not on Twitter? Email us your answer to

Stay tuned. New clues added every day.

CLUE 1: A fireball was ejected from the black hole which is now known as what?

CLUE 2: A true instructional comic must begin with visualizing the _____.

CLUE 3: What is the name of the popular Atari game which sparked the arcade era in 1972?

CLUE 4: This game piece traveled through different cultures and countries in order to get to the present day.

CLUE 5: _____ Interactive - a development studio focused on development for girls, most famous for its work on the Nancy Drew series.

CLUE 6: You will be able to _________ and ________ through play and game design.

CLUE 7: What is the name of the board game the Egyptians played?

CLUE 8: The beer distribution game is not a beer drinking game but it's rather a type of gamification used to experience coordination problems of what type of process?

CLUE 9: Often when the release of the first version of a project, the same person or team who approved the project will now have countless changes and ideas. What is missing?

CLUE 10: A comic allows readers to view the material as a ______?

CLUE 11: What does process have to do with learning games. What does it help the learner do?

CLUE 12: Play is nature's training for ____.

CLUE 13: Card and board games can provide instruction in strategy and prioritization but also encourage conversations, interaction and what else?

CLUE 14: Games are defined by _______.

CLUE 15: Play can be intrinsically _________.

CLUE 16: The first coin arcade-style game was called?

CLUE 17: Coming soon...

CLUE 18: Coming soon...

CLUE 19: Coming soon...

CLUE 20: Coming soon...





The Unthinkable Mysterious Cosmic Game is a limited promotion between July 25, 2019 and August 08, 2019 to offer one (1) free registration valued at $1,925 to the Step Away event held September 23-26, 2019.

The winning free registration includes access to all activities and during the Step Away event, and all meals including lite reception on the evening of September 22, breakfast, lunch and dinner September 23-26, and a lite breakfast the morning of September 27.

The winning free registration does NOT include the room. Rooms (see Rooms page) are first come; first serve and the winner will be contacted by a member of the Step Away team to discuss their choice of any remaining available rooms. Cost per room ranges from $700-$900 per week.

In the event of a tie, there will be a Game-Off to determine the ultimate winner.

That's about it. Good luck!


Step Away is a loosely structured event designed to unplug from the daily noise and be immersed in an atmosphere where creativity and play intersect!

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