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Win a FREE registration!

The Unthinkable Mysterious Cosmic Game runs during the month of August 2020, where you can win a FREE registration to Step Away! ($899 value) Yes, FREE! Watch for clue questions via Twitter by following the hashtag, #StepAway2020.


Look for links to the Step Away 2020 event site or various websites with articles about games, storytelling, comics, and LEGO. Some clues are easy and some you will have to dig for.


Get a clue, find the answer, and collect points! Firsts person to earn 300 points wins a FREE registration! Most clues are worth 10 points and some are harder to earn and worth more. Find them all to be the winner!


Remember, tweet the answer, clue number and include the hashtag #StepAway2020.


Not on Twitter? Email us your answer to

Tweet the answer with #StepAway2020 hashtag.

Statement or Question



But badges can get in the way if users are already motivated to engage with the task or if they do not __________ any real value in the badges.

20 pts

A true instructional comic must begin with visualizing the _____.

15 pts

What is the name of the popular virtual table tennis Atari game which sparked the arcade era in 1972?

5 pts

The most significant elements that shaped this game piece were produced by the different cultures and countries that the element travelled through in order to get to the present day.

20 pts

_____ Interactive -- a development studio focused on development for girls, most famous for its work on the Nancy Drew series.

15 pts

What is the name of the board game the Egyptians played?

10 pts





The Unthinkable Mysterious Cosmic Game is a limited promotion during the month of August, 2020 to offer one (1) free registration valued at $899 to the Step Away 2020 during the month of September, 2020.

The winning free registration includes access to all activities and during the Step Away event.

In the event of a tie, there will be a Game-Off to determine the ultimate winner.

That's about it. Good luck!

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