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What exactly will we be doing during the event?

  • Step Away is a loosely structured program that gives you the time to be creative. When you're in the flow of creative energy, the worst thing is for the clock to interrupt that creativity.  We can assure you every day will be loads of learning and playing…not necessarily in that order!

Will there be a housecleaning service?

  • Yes, there will be a house cleaning service mid-week (cleaning, fresh towels, etc.). However, there’s an extra fee for fresh sheets.

Is there a laundry service?

  • No service, but there is a laundry room free to use. There are small starter pods of detergent available at no cost. You can bring your own or there is a store nearby where you can purchase laundry products.​

What will we be eating?

  • An excellent local caterer will be serving lunch and dinner daily. We will have various breakfast items, coffee, juice, etc., available. A local grocery store is nearby to purchase preferred breakfast items, daily snacks, and beverages.

What options do I have with dietary restrictions?

  • As we get closer to the event, we will be reaching out to you to coordinate with the caterer to meet your dietary needs or restrictions.

Can I bring my own snacks or drinks?

  • Certainly! There’s a local store just a few miles away. You can purchase your own preferred snacks or drinks. No alcohol, though, as this is a non-alcoholic event.

Can I bring a flask or beer?

  • No. This is a non-alcoholic event.

I’m driving my own car or renting from the airport. Will there be parking?

  • Yes, the Monopoly "Free Parking" space is available for all attendees.

I’m a smoker. Is there a smoking area at the resort?

  • Yes and No. Yes, outside. No, there is no smoking in the house. Actually, it is against the resort’s policy in the house at any time.

I have anxiety. Can I bring my therapy pet?

  • Sorry. No pets at or in the resort house.

Can I pack my weapon? I have a permit to carry a registered firearm.

  • Sorry. We understand that it is your right, but there are no weapons or firearms in or around the property. The property is a private resort and the entry gate is locked at all times. We’re all pals!

I want to come, but all the rooms are booked. Can I still come and stay at a hotel?

  • This event is designed to be an intimate setting with a small group of people. Once all the rooms are full, the event is sold out. However, you will go on a waitlist if someone cancels or a room becomes available. Also, you will get first priority early access to the next event.

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